Egypt began installing advanced cameras and sensors last week to help combat smuggling along the Philadelphi Corridor. Egyptian official told The Jerusalem Post. "We are installing them with the help of American, French and German experts." The equipment is being installed to help Egypt prevent "all kinds of smuggling," the source said. The sensors are capable of detecting digging or construction.


Jan 29 (Reuters) - A Palestinian has accused Islamist Hamas militants in control of the Gaza Strip of torturing and killing his brother for publicly criticising them. Ibrahim Abu An-Naja, a senior Fatah leader in the Gaza Strip, said eight members of Fatah were killed by Hamas during the war with Israel.Hamas in Gaza continues executions everyday since the truce.


(Media Watch) WARNS about showing Jews as killers Media Watch is warning that the propaganda being delivered to children through AL-QUASA Television, YOUTUBE and other media may be working, after a three-year-old caller went on the air to complain that Jews killed Farfur, a Mickey Mouse look-alike character who promoted Jihad.


The UN definition for a "Palestinian" is
any non-Jew who has lived in Palestine for at
least two years. They are a recently made-up
people group. Yassir Arafat, for instance, was
Egyptian! And the government of that region keeps
them in poverty and illiteracy, so it can recruit
the ignorant into suicide bombing in Israel. They
keep their people poor on purpose, because it's
useful for the HAMAS"



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