For those whom think this is a joke, save your breath. Things are hapening on Youtube more than you can immagine. We, Jews are not only facing hate on the real world, we face it here as well.
I guess you all have seen those anti semitic videos and comments even on your own page, we did and quite a lot. Someone asked me last week why I was not showing the comments that I get?I told this user, " What makes you think that I should get a comment?!. Bing Bang, the guy started with... Jews, Hitler, Holocaust.... bla bla bla... I really do not understand that.
We as Jews, are not allow to show the truth about Islam, Muslims are allow to insult us, being very hateful, show very corny videos,,, they still there on Youtube. None of my videos where homemade, like I did see on the ennemi side.. with FUCK JEWS, GAZASCHWITZ.. and etc.. I could write a book about it.. I certainly did see how much they hate us .
So yes, my answer is, YES THERE IS A VIRTUAL WAR ON YOUTUBE. Tell me what you think...



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