Some users in Youtube, could not take the heavy videos upload from the last couple of days. We suspect a couple of users as we did noticed some heavy represail mostely anti-semitic in the last couple of days. So we got suspended until February 16th and we will continue from here until we get back on the road.
We understand perfectly that Youtube follows rules and regulations but if our videos were somehow, shocking for some, the whole idea is to tell and show the thrut.
In the opposite of some of our well known ennemies on Youtube (Users names will be showed on our toolbar) we did not accuse actually anyone, we told facts and show videos that we did not manufactured as some told us we did. Quite stupid, because. taking a look at Islamic rules and see how they still use "Lapidation", I would have a very hard time to make up a scene with my own daughter... stone her.. ya right...
We did got some very good reply for the short while the video was on, we had even muslim women writting to our inbox and explaining that they were very proud that someone dares to show this kind of Islamic rules live on Youtube. Unfortunately, there is a lot of very angry users on Youtube that even treathen us with death if we did not remove it. Next chapter on Hamas on Youtube... So thanks to all of you whom suscribed to our page and has even put our vids on their favorites.. we realy apreciate that.



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