Kids on Hamas TV 02/03/2009

I have noticed that one of my popular video with the Anti Semitic propaganda where I have mentioned... While your children watch cartoons, Hamas kids watch this.. Well, I got some heavy emails on that one,,, they (Youtube Hamas Virtual Fighters) did not like that one. Do not ask me where I got it from, I did quite a lot of research on this subject and there is more out there. The Hamas has lately changed a little their propaganda videos making strategy, they speak Hebrew. Interesting, as normaly they scream always in Arabic in their videos repeating again and again. ALLHA UHAKBACH, easy text. Lately they found out that this wasn't enough, they used hebrew in their vids, interesting because, we Jews knows they hate us, why tell us that in Hebrew, we would think that they should say that in English, but no.
The dialog is in Hebrew because they obviuously know that for generation to come, it will always be the Arabs against the Jews so their children are actually learning Hebrew. Now comes the big question: How would you say in Hebrew " ALLAH UAKBACH " .. anyone has the answer, please post a comment... 



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