Certainly, a lot of them out there. The funny is for the ones that really do not like Jews, they pretend being Jews and this is sometime where the fun begins. I had one lately that called herself...XXX (get the toolbar and the user names will show) that pretended to come from the East part of Europe,, well well. I asked a couple of questions regarding the Jewish community over there and when it came to the simple question, "I guess it must be hard for you as a Shomer Sabbat to get the Mincha going on "... Ak Ak Ak, she said, "No, In my country we do not eat this type of cosher food..."  Yes, Sir,,, right on in the bulls eyes.
Funny but some of them are even spying on other and they even tell you that " I noticed that on your page you are friend with ...XXX, but for your info, X and XX and X is a fake Jew.
When you get this kind of remark.. Just go ahead, do not think twice, She/He pulling your leg, just block and go on. There is a lot of them out there. They all want use mostely the same over and over very accentuate as if they had to prove they were jews but they actually already letting you know they are fake, since they insist being called : Zionist.. here.... Zionist .. there... Just remember me when it comes to that, who knows, you might have already one on your friends page, just check it out.....  



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