The Jerusalem Post was recently hacked from the Hamas Internet Brigade.- It was visible a couple of days a go. When people wrote " The Jerusalem Post on Google search bar, the content was showing.. " This site can damaged your computer" I

It is fixed now and some other Jewish sites are being strangely hacked around. If you know about one, publish it, so other can be aware,

Kids on Hamas TV 02/03/2009

I have noticed that one of my popular video with the Anti Semitic propaganda where I have mentioned... While your children watch cartoons, Hamas kids watch this.. Well, I got some heavy emails on that one,,, they (Youtube Hamas Virtual Fighters) did not like that one. Do not ask me where I got it from, I did quite a lot of research on this subject and there is more out there. The Hamas has lately changed a little their propaganda videos making strategy, they speak Hebrew. Interesting, as normaly they scream always in Arabic in their videos repeating again and again. ALLHA UHAKBACH, easy text. Lately they found out that this wasn't enough, they used hebrew in their vids, interesting because, we Jews knows they hate us, why tell us that in Hebrew, we would think that they should say that in English, but no.
The dialog is in Hebrew because they obviuously know that for generation to come, it will always be the Arabs against the Jews so their children are actually learning Hebrew. Now comes the big question: How would you say in Hebrew " ALLAH UAKBACH " .. anyone has the answer, please post a comment... 


This question I ask my self everyday.. Will he come home?. When, how, how long will it take for him to see his family again.. to see Israel his country . Ah The Hamas... or is it the Hamas that has him?


Certainly, a lot of them out there. The funny is for the ones that really do not like Jews, they pretend being Jews and this is sometime where the fun begins. I had one lately that called herself...XXX (get the toolbar and the user names will show) that pretended to come from the East part of Europe,, well well. I asked a couple of questions regarding the Jewish community over there and when it came to the simple question, "I guess it must be hard for you as a Shomer Sabbat to get the Mincha going on "... Ak Ak Ak, she said, "No, In my country we do not eat this type of cosher food..."  Yes, Sir,,, right on in the bulls eyes.
Funny but some of them are even spying on other and they even tell you that " I noticed that on your page you are friend with ...XXX, but for your info, X and XX and X is a fake Jew.
When you get this kind of remark.. Just go ahead, do not think twice, She/He pulling your leg, just block and go on. There is a lot of them out there. They all want use mostely the same over and over very accentuate as if they had to prove they were jews but they actually already letting you know they are fake, since they insist being called : Zionist.. here.... Zionist .. there... Just remember me when it comes to that, who knows, you might have already one on your friends page, just check it out.....  


For those whom think this is a joke, save your breath. Things are hapening on Youtube more than you can immagine. We, Jews are not only facing hate on the real world, we face it here as well.
I guess you all have seen those anti semitic videos and comments even on your own page, we did and quite a lot. Someone asked me last week why I was not showing the comments that I get?I told this user, " What makes you think that I should get a comment?!. Bing Bang, the guy started with... Jews, Hitler, Holocaust.... bla bla bla... I really do not understand that.
We as Jews, are not allow to show the truth about Islam, Muslims are allow to insult us, being very hateful, show very corny videos,,, they still there on Youtube. None of my videos where homemade, like I did see on the ennemi side.. with FUCK JEWS, GAZASCHWITZ.. and etc.. I could write a book about it.. I certainly did see how much they hate us .
So yes, my answer is, YES THERE IS A VIRTUAL WAR ON YOUTUBE. Tell me what you think...


Some users in Youtube, could not take the heavy videos upload from the last couple of days. We suspect a couple of users as we did noticed some heavy represail mostely anti-semitic in the last couple of days. So we got suspended until February 16th and we will continue from here until we get back on the road.
We understand perfectly that Youtube follows rules and regulations but if our videos were somehow, shocking for some, the whole idea is to tell and show the thrut.
In the opposite of some of our well known ennemies on Youtube (Users names will be showed on our toolbar) we did not accuse actually anyone, we told facts and show videos that we did not manufactured as some told us we did. Quite stupid, because. taking a look at Islamic rules and see how they still use "Lapidation", I would have a very hard time to make up a scene with my own daughter... stone her.. ya right...
We did got some very good reply for the short while the video was on, we had even muslim women writting to our inbox and explaining that they were very proud that someone dares to show this kind of Islamic rules live on Youtube. Unfortunately, there is a lot of very angry users on Youtube that even treathen us with death if we did not remove it. Next chapter on Hamas on Youtube... So thanks to all of you whom suscribed to our page and has even put our vids on their favorites.. we realy apreciate that.


From today, anyone whom comes by and interested in getting fresh news and much more can download for free the Jewtube Toolbar.. Absolutely free, safe and with a lot of services.
Fell free to download and let us know what you think.


Egypt began installing advanced cameras and sensors last week to help combat smuggling along the Philadelphi Corridor. Egyptian official told The Jerusalem Post. "We are installing them with the help of American, French and German experts." The equipment is being installed to help Egypt prevent "all kinds of smuggling," the source said. The sensors are capable of detecting digging or construction.


Jan 29 (Reuters) - A Palestinian has accused Islamist Hamas militants in control of the Gaza Strip of torturing and killing his brother for publicly criticising them. Ibrahim Abu An-Naja, a senior Fatah leader in the Gaza Strip, said eight members of Fatah were killed by Hamas during the war with Israel.Hamas in Gaza continues executions everyday since the truce.


(Media Watch) WARNS about showing Jews as killers Media Watch is warning that the propaganda being delivered to children through AL-QUASA Television, YOUTUBE and other media may be working, after a three-year-old caller went on the air to complain that Jews killed Farfur, a Mickey Mouse look-alike character who promoted Jihad.



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