A couple of day ago I got temporary suspended from Youtube until February 16th because of Anti Zionist users. These users has flagged me so many times that I received an email from Toutube services saying that the content of these videos were not conformed to the rules.

I was very surprised because, if you look at those videos content, you will not see any Anti Muslims slogans or phrase such as "Death to Islam" or "Kill Hamas " or "The Hamas top leader is a Hitler" added to the footage it self.
On the opposite, we do see many hateful videos with heavy Anti Semitic slogans, such as "Israel is a Nazis country", "Death to all Jews", "Gazauchwitz", "Lets re open the oven" and so on.
I would need more than a website to write down the posted comments on each videos I have uploaded and on the ones others did upload. I took away the feature of having people post a comment to my profile because I was chocked!. I have never see so much hate in my whole life.

Saying this and going back to the fact that I got suspended, I still do not understand Youtube policy because, while the war was going on Youtube, Youtube would not exist if they had to follow their policy. With so many hateful, anti semitic videos, they would have to suspend thousands of users. Feel free to to watch here and on Youtube and I would be happy to hear your point of view.